Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies

Our compassionate providers treat the whole person, not just the disease or symptoms. Integrative, or complementary care is a patient-centered, collaborative approach to health. We work with you to restore balance and facilitate healing.

We partner with licensed, verified practitioners who provide safe, cost effective, quality care.

Therapies and Services:


These potent and pure essences of plants and herbs are nature's gifts to mind and body. Let our trained Aromatherapists use the restorative properties of the oils to treat common ailments, promote well being and enhance your life!


"Music is God's way of colouring sound", John M. Ortiz, The Tao of Music. Explore the use of various media, color and instruments to express your creative side. Be open to the gifts of drumming, signing bowls, animal shamanism depicted in art, to name a few of the creative healing modalities available.


A means of focusing and quieting our mind for peace and relaxation, but has powerful healing properties. We can channel the universal life force to the source of the dis-ease and activate our body's healing defenses and restore balance. Meditation has unlimited potential for enhancing self-awareness and personal growth.


Energy healers work to restore natural balance in the body's energy centers, known as chakras or meridians. The effects are powerful, lasting and catching on in modern medicine!


Derived from the Japanese words "rei" , universal spirit and "ki" , which means life force energy. Practitioners use their hands to raise the amount of Ki in and around the recipient. Reiki is used to promote relaxation and well being and to treat stress, chronic pain and nausea.


An ancient healing art, where pressure is applied to points on the feet which correspond to areas in the body. The feet are believed to be a map of the entire body and organs, and is particularly beneficial to people living with cancer, stress and anxiety.


Originated in China thousands of years ago. Research continues to support the use of thin needles placed at strategic parts on your body to treat multiple conditions. Practitioners work to rebalance your energy flow and allow natural healing to occur.


Awaken the Shaman within! Our qualified coaches partner with you to identify goals and invite meaningful action. Our habitual thoughts and beliefs guide our behavior and ultimately states of health. Our proprietary 3 step, 'A, B, C's" to wellness will change your health-eroding beliefs.


Have you ever watched a cat stretching? Our feline friends know instinctively the value of stretching in improving flexibility and circulation. This writer has observed that yogis seem to smile often, take less medications and have less visible and intrinsic baggage.


What's not to like about a medical massage in your home? The Mayo Clinic gives massage therapy a green light with backup research to support. Studies continue to support the therapeutic effects of massages in relieving pain and anxiety. Massages can boost immunity and improve circulation and energy levels!


The US has earned the label as the most obese country in the world, according to the OECD. Our kids are the most overweight as well, as 38% of the teen population are overweight. We need to stop toxic eating habits that contribute to chronic illnesses and poor outcomes. Let our registered nutritionists explore healthy, high energy eating options for you, your company and family.